Welcome to BICOLOR, your new go-to nail studio in Beverly Hills!

At BICOLOR, we prioritize cleanliness and customer satisfaction. We specialize in GelX, Bio Gel, and stunning nail designs. We offer a variety of manicure and pedicure options to suit your preferences and pamper you. 

Booking is a breeze – schedule your appointment online or reach us at
+1 (310) 962 5509. Be sure to check out our Instagram page @bicolornail for inspiration. For inquiries, group appointments, or to purchase online gift cards, please email us at studio@bicolornail.com. 


We specialize in

Aprés Gel-X

Soft gel nail extensions that are fast, easy, and damage-free. No filing, dust, or odor. No damage to natural nails. An alternative to traditional acrylic or hard gel extensions

BIO Sculpture Gel

For strong, healthy, and beautiful nails. Suitable for every nail type. Excellent for strengthening and extending nails and 5-star safety rating. Natural nail health Durable, chip-resistant, self-leveling, and long-lasting gloss finish.

Nail Art

Express your style with your fingertips. This is a creative way to express yourself and show off your personal style.

Hours of operations


Monday - Friday 9AM-7:30PM

Saturday- Sunday 10AM-6:30PM